Loanza® Eligibility

Your seamless near-prime lending solution

Stop Go Networks has been operating in the online consumer finance industry for over a decade. Our knowledge and expertise expand across lending, brokering, marketing and compliance. In collaboration with our lending and affiliate partners, we have developed an eligibility service called Loanza specifically for the near-prime lending market to help customers obtain the loans they want and to help lenders meet their lending targets.


Loanza Eligibility Flowchart

Why Affiliates benefit from using Loanza?

Maximize earnings

Maximise earnings
Our intelligent system gives you multiple chances to generate income from every lead all in real-time from our panel of direct lenders.

Loanza Eligibility - Lean Team

Lean team
Work with a team that is solely dedicated to your success. Our team works to ensure your hard work is rewarded with the best commissions in the industry.

Loanza Eligibility - Market leading tech

21st Century tech
Our Eligibility service will match your customer to the most suitable product ensuring they have the best chance of obtaining a loan.

Flexible Setup

Set up any way you choose
Whether you have a call centre, have direct relationships with other lenders, or an existing integration with another service provider, our flexible API will give you the best chance of success allowing you to not be restricted by working with only one partner.


Why Lenders benefit from using Loanza?

Save on costs

Save on costs
Our filtering and smart dedupe use a scoring system to qualify leads before sending them to you, saving you money on costly credit checks.

Increase Quality of Leads

Increase Quality of leads
Our traffic is sourced from the top PPC and SEO brokers in the UK.

Loanza Eligibility - Smooth Journey

Smooth Journey
As experts in online lead generation, our customer journey is smooth, reduces friction and increases click-through rates.

Loanza Eligibility - First class service

Focused on your success
Our lean team is solely focused on your success. Ensuring borrowers get the money they need is our primary aim and we work tirelessly to achieve this by working closely with our lenders. Our service is first class!


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