2023 Fall News Roundup

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We’re Growing

Stop Go Networks has officially entered Canada with our new loan offer; https://www.mapleloanscanada.com, member of the CLA.

We are looking for high-quality affiliates to drive Canadian traffic to our new site, connecting Canadian consumers with one of the many lenders in our network.

We specialize in delivering the most competitive offers providing some of the highest payouts available in the industry! Canada will be no different.

To increase your revenues join our Canadian network today!


What’s New?

We are now accepting leads for title loans and unsecured debt amounts.

If you are posting leads to us and are collecting these fields, please reach out to your Account Manager for an updated version of our integration guide to help monetize more of your leads.

Our new US Personal Loan forms have been updated!

We are happy to report increased app rates, increased mailing rates, and an improved user experience on mobile.

If you haven’t tested one of our offers lately, now’s the perfect time! Get in touch and test it today!


Veratad to Sponsor and Exhibit at Lend360 | Veratad

WHEN: October 2-4
WHERE: Atlanta


WHEN: October 22-25
WHERE: Las Vegas


WHEN:     November 1st
WHERE:   Toronto